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Hands of Healing visits Mayan Familes

From an article posted by our in-country partners Mayan Families.

This past week we were happy to welcome the volunteer group Hands of Healing Florida! During their time here, this medical, dental, and vision team had the opportunity to see and treat patients in El Barranco, San Antonio, San Jorge, and Nahuala. Working in Nahuala marks the first collaboration between Mayan Families and local NGO ADIGUAT. We are very grateful that so many of our clients and community members had the opportunity to see a doctor--some for the first time ever in their entire lives! Thank you again Hands of Healing for giving our communities quality health and dental care! To view photos of the team on-site in Guatemala, click the following links: San Jorge, San Antonio, Nahuala I, and Nahuala II.and more.

“Hands of Healing treated over 500 patients, dispensed more than 600 pairs of glasses and filled hundreds of prescriptions while in Guatemala."

The days start at 6:00 or 6:30am, sometimes working over a 12 hour span. Undeniably the looks on our patients faces, their hugs and often tears of joy, make the trip well worth our efforts! We’ll be back!


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