2021 Mission
  - Grant Program

Covid continues in Guatemala, stronger than ever. 


As once again we found ourselves unable to travel, we worked hard to think of a way to provide aid in a more long-term and sustainable fashion.

This year the Board decided to provide grants to two in-country Guatemalan non-profits.

After a robust vetting process, we chose ALDEA and Salud y Paz as the recipients.


ALDEA - Integrated Development Program

Please click on the PDF link to view the first quarter report on this project.  ALDEA and ABPD have made substantial headway with this project despite the huge challenges that Covid presented.

Salud Y Paz - Pharmacy Inventory System


Salud y Paz operates three clinics to provide comprehensive and accessible care to the under-resourced Mayan populations of El Quiche, Sololá and Quetzaltenango. We provide patients not only with a checkup, but also with access to labs, medications and education, because many impoverished Mayans living with chronic illness do not have the resources to purchase the medications they need to effectively manage their disease.

With this project, Salud y Paz aims to create an efficient and effective pharmaceutical supply process to benefit the chronically ill patients treated in these three clinics. In summary, we have defined the following project objectives and activities:

  • Upgrade our inventory system with view to meet set sustainable and appropriate technology specifications and improve integrity and efficiency in pharmaceutical data management.

  • Purchase requisite technology equipment and tools.

  • Develop standard operating procedure and training programs to build capacity among Guatemalan staff to effectively manage inventory.

  • Hire local talent.

  • Define metrics and data collection methods to monitor efficiency and effectiveness of process and to evaluate whether the project goal is being met.



What has been accomplished to date?

  • We have hired local talent. As mentioned in a previous update, our first priority has been to hire local talent. We have hired an Inventory Technician (ongoing full-time position starting May, 2021) with base education in accounting and technology with potential for growth.

  • We have selected the inventory system. With the set sustainable and appropriate technology specifications in mind, we developed an RFP document for the purpose of retaining a consultant / project manager to oversee selection and onboarding of the new inventory system. We received proposals from two consultants who both ran tests with real data and processes and confirmed that Odoo is an inventory system that can be adapted to the current requirements of the organization. We also determined what modules to implement according to the process cycle, from the moment a medicine purchase order is placed to the delivery to the patient during their clinic visit.

  • We have retained a consultant. We have contracted a consultant who is overseeing the onboarding of the new inventory system for a period of 3 months (June-August 2021).

  • We have completed phase 1 of implementation. The consultant started on June 1st and to date, has completed the first phase of implementation (“familiarización”).



The consultant / project manager is working according to a strict and detailed implementation schedule. Some key deliverables are:

  • By July 15, 2021: Standardized data have been uploaded to the new system and relevant staff have received training.

  • By August 2, 2021: The new inventory system will be up and running.

  • By August 31, 2021: End of monitoring phase (1 month).