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hands of healing

The primary mission of Hands of Healing, Inc. is to provide medical, dental, and vision support to the poor and underserved people of Guatemala.

OUR HISTORY:   Hands of Healing, Inc. was ignited by a spark after two of our families adopted children from Guatemala. Our community also hosted an exchange student from this country who is now a board certified ENT surgeon. This combination of personal interests began a search for a special heart-felt mission within Central America. 


We have now established our own 501 (c) 3 status and are currently concentrating on missions to Guatemala using an in-country organization whose main concern involves the bigger picture for the Mayan population. This country has the highest malnutrition rate in Latin America and is considered the 4th malnourished country in the world. Our in-country partners have established a comprehensive program concentrating on the health and the well-being of all age groups. Their personal involvement with each individual resonated with our group’s mission statement. 

Our short-term health clinics have provided medical diagnostic tests and treatments that are otherwise unavailable. Our volunteers have provided healthcare for infants to adults in their 90s!  Most have never been seen by a health care professional or dentist.  Many who have received glasses can actually see to sew, weave, or read for the first time in their lives.  The smiles brought by the gift of sight are deeply and permanently imprinted on our hearts!


Another important service that we provide is support and education for the Bombaros (firefighters/EMTs) of Guatemala, most of whom are volunteers. Hands of Healing, Inc. has an ongoing relationship with many firefighter organizations throughout Central America, offering education, training and supplies to foster the growth and expansion of their firefighting services. 

Hands of Healing changes lives, yet the value of these experiences are not felt exclusively by the patients.  We do not enter their country with an attitude of only "giving to them".  Subtle and sometimes powerful lessons are learned each day by each of us as we connect with individuals who give to us more than they can imagine.  Each trip is unique and changes each of us, no matter how often we visit.  Often a connection between two different cultures is seen in a smile, felt in a hug, or by touching each other's hearts on some level of humanness.  In learning about their world, we are all changed from within.  It is an honor and a privilege to serve others!

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