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2018 Panajachel

Updated: May 24, 2019

Serving the people of Nahuala, Pena Blanca, and Panajachel

This is a mission about our faith in action… one person at a time.  With each smile and warm touch that you offered to God’s people in desperate need, my heart swelled with reassurance that God had sent amazing people to represent Him... I would say, Mission Accomplished!

We had 713 patient contacts.  713 examples of faith in action.  713 interactions to reassure God’s people that someone in the world cares.

It is a pleasure to serve with you.  The words “Thank You” always fall short, but please know that Lori and I are deeply appreciative for all your contributions to this team and especially, for your servant heart.

Many Blessings to you and yours. Working together, we DO make a difference to God’s people in need.

Scott Magness - Trip Leader

Lori Beese - Travel Coordinator

Typical housing.

Preschoolers coming for their eye exams.


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