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2016 Panajachel

The 2016 Guatemala mission was a huge success! Our only glitch occurred in Guatemala Customs when they sequestered all of our pharmaceuticals for 28 hours. This is precisely why we have the Advance-Team fly on Thursday… We were able to get the issue resolved by Friday afternoon. I think I have never been happier to see 5 beat-up suitcases!

Once that issue was resolved, we had an incredibly smooth mission with an incredibly wonderful team!

More than anything, our work here is about demonstrating God’s love for His people in need, through the smiles and actions of those who answer His call. I would say, Mission Accomplished!


Out of all of our neighbors served, one stands out. We met Juan in the village of Nahuala, a region of extreme poverty. Juan is 45 years old, but appears much older. He is emaciated and requires assistance to walk. The team quickly determined that Juan has severe Diabetes. His glucose and A1C were off the charts, and it is obvious that he has suffered with this condition for quite some time. Insulin is generally available in Guatemala, but financially out of reach for the populations that we serve.

We administered Insulin and IV fluids, which helped Juan only a little. Fortunately, we returned to the same site the following day (the only day we did that). On the way, we were able to purchase long-acting insulin at a farmacia, enough to help Juan for one month. We could not provide more because of limited quantities, and because most folks in Nahuala would not be able to refrigerate. This is the reality of medical mission in Guatemala. But I also believe this is God’s plan for us. The HOH team is part of God’s much larger plan to bring relief to His people in Guatemala. And so, we are already thinking about 2017!

Sending Heartfelt Thanks to all team members, their families who kept the home fires burning, and to our great church family, pastors, Missions Committee, support teams at home, and supporters both locally and out of state! Working together, we DO make a difference to God’s people in need.

Back to Juan. We are attempting to refer him to a diabetic clinic near Nahuala, who may or may not be able to help him. Juan represents the thousands of our good friends, mostly of Mayan descent, who will live their entire life devoid of consistent medical, dental and vision healthcare. On behalf of all of our neighbors in need, THANK YOU for your continued prayers and support for this vital mission.


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